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I’ve become an avid listener of podcasts. I think on average I spend more time listening to radio programs than music these days.  I’ll often turn one on when I do dishes or whenever I’m walking somewhere.

CBC  – check their website for much more

Search Engine – An interesting program about the impact of the internet on our lives.  I recommend checking out some of the archived programs as the show has been cut down as of late to a shorter format

Dispatches – Stories from around the world about people doing interesting things.  If your interested in sociology, anthropology or world news from a different perspective check this out.

Quirks & Quarks – A long standing tradition on CBC radio.  This science program delves into all kinds of crazy studies, new technologies and has extensive coverage of environmental issues such as global warming.


All songs considered– I just started listening to this program.  If you love music you will enjoy this podcast.  Also check out the website, there’s a lot of interesting material on their site.


This American Life – The first episode I heard on this program was about the financial crisis hitting the US and it was fascinating.  Every week the program focuses on a different theme and has a range of stories and viewpoints about that them that are usually informative and entertaining.


Documentaries – Really good coverage of a wide range of topics including the American election, drug wars in Mexico, is al-Qaeda winning.  Good stuff.

History Magazine – I’ve only heard a couple of these but so far they’ve been interesting if you’re into history. I learned about pompei, medieval urban culture and lots more.



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Croquet, originally uploaded by Wilheln.

Playing Croquet!

This is how I spend my unemployed, uneducated life.

super long drawing

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somebody put together one really long drawing and I like how it looks. there is a video on vimeo too.


A history or Robin Hood

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There is much more to Robin Hood than being a fox, find out by listening to this great CBC Podcast.  It provides a very in depth historical investigation of this legendary character.


evil bee

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a really well animated little video about the mechanized life of a bee.


food fight

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i came across an interesting representation of world conflicts since WWII using food. THis guy Stefan Nadelman animated cheeseburgers and all kinds of other ethnic foods to reproduce famous battles.

check it out @ http://homepage.mac.com/stefannadelman/foodfight/index.htm

Louis Theroux

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Sup yall,

I read about this funny tv show on the BBC thru Boing Boing.net

This guy Louis goes around meeting a lot of unique and crazy people and finds out what their up to.

I especially like this episode on Gangsta rap in the dirrrrty south.\